Peach-Banana Smoothie

Written by Sheila Emery Murphy on .

Peaches are in peak season so enjoy this sweet, summer stone fruit smoothie. But please use organic peaches. Peaches are #2 on the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) “Dirty Dozen” which means conventionally grown peaches have one of the highest pesticide loads. According to EWG, a single peach sample showed over 13 different pesticide residues! So choose organic peaches, avoid the pesticides. Click here to learn more about the “Dirty Dozen”

What you need…

1 frozen banana
1 peach, pitted (organic)
3 dates, pitted
1C unsweetened almond milk
cinnamon, to taste
vanilla, to taste
4 ice cubes

What to do…

Combine all ingredients in a blender and enjoy.  Serves ~2. Also makes great popsicles.