“Super Snacks” for School Valentine’s Party

Written by Sheila Emery Murphy on .

Teachers and parents made a big difference this year at my daughter’s school for their Valentine’s Day Party. Parents were asked to contribute “healthy red snacks” for the kindergarten classes. Guess what? They did! And… the kids ate them! A list of ideas for the snacks was sent to the parent community and nearly every single item was provided, plus a few other items from inspired moms & dads. A big hit was a parent who cut red bell peppers in the shape of hearts!

Kids eat with their eyes as much as their tummies. So keeping the snacks colorful and creative made the party a success. Another inspired contribution was a “Veggie Valentine Cup” (pictured above). Simply using colorful muffin liners and arranging a few carrot sticks, a grape tomato, a radish slice, a piece of cheddar and topped with a raspberry was a fun little sampler for the kids to enjoy.

 "Healthy Red Snack" List

Strawberries (organic, if possible)

Red apples (organic, if possible)

Red grapes



Red beet chips


Grape tomatoes

Pomegranate arils


Bravo to the teachers for their commitment to bring good food into their classroom. Bravo to the parents who embraced the request. And, kudos to the kindergarteners who tried something new and enjoyed a real food sweet treat!