Testimonials from my clients…


Sheila Emery Murphy recently presented at a Wellness Retreat for Support Connection.  She is a dynamic and passionate speaker.  The feedback we received from the women who attended the program was overwhelmingly positive and personally, I took away a tremendous amount of helpful information.  Sheila’s knowledge, insight and practical approach to good health when coping with life’s challenges are invaluable. 


-        Marlene Stager, MS, Counselor at Support Connection



I participated in Sheila’s health coaching program and I am so glad that I did. From the start, she brought a passion to the topic of healthy living that was inspiring.  Sheila shares her knowledge of nutrition – she knows her stuff – in a way that is non-judgmental, gently guiding you toward making small food and lifestyle changes that will take root. A year later, I continue to take care of myself, and my children have a happier, healthier mommy.

-        Anne Marie


I greatly enjoyed Sheila Emery Murphy's workshop, "Moms. Myths. Magic." Sheila is a clear, engaging speaker who conveys her depth of knowledge while also encouraging meaningful dialogue among her audience. Weeks later I am still thinking about the class and its positive effect on my family's daily life. For example, I am paying more attention to the ingredient lists on the food I purchase, and making educated decisions about what I buy and cook.

-        Christina


Personally, Sheila inspired me to take care of myself and family by making smarter, healthier choices. I now think and read food labels before purchasing food and it’s not annoying or labor intensive it feels empowering to have the knowledge that Sheila taught.

Professionally as a psychotherapist, Sheila helped me understand how the food we fuel our bodies with greatly affects us physically, emotionally, spiritually, interpersonally, etc. I now explore and assess each patient's nutrition and current eating habits.

-        Jennifer


In my time knowing Sheila for the past 15 years or so, I have come to know her as a caring, thoughtful and generous person.  She has always been passionate about health and wellness and her enthusiasm is contagious!   For the past 6 months, Sheila has been an inspirational health coach for me.  She has a unique way of translating in-depth (sometimes complex) nutritional information into simple tips and nuggets on how to live a healthier lifestyle every day.  For anyone who wants to live a healthier life by learning about better nutrition and choices, I would highly recommend reaching out to Sheila.  It will change your life and you’ll enjoy every moment.

-         Tracey


Sheila’s “Healthy Eating, Healthy Child” workshop was so enlightening. I can’t wait to start shopping healthier!

-        Michele                 


            Sheila has so much knowledge to share and does it in such an eloquent and understanding way.

-        Kathy