It seems that I have always been involved in trying to make the world around me a better place. In high school and college I was working to protect the environment. After graduating from Fordham University, I volunteered with a group in Southeast Connecticut that made "Midnight Runs" to NYC to help feed the homeless. As an aide for a US Senator, I worked closely with constituents to resolve their concerns and problems.


Upon receiving a post-graduate certification from New York University's Center for Philanthropy, I worked with several well-known nonprofits including The Smile Train, Sesame Workshop and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. Through these life steps there has been one consistent thread: helping others.


Now my mission is to combine my passion for helping others with my love of food, cooking and healthy living. My specialty is helping moms get healthy. As a busy mom, I know what it takes to keep yourself from ending up at the bottom of your "to do" list. Between kids, cooking and a mountain of ordinary chores, it is easy to put off taking care of yourself. But it is precisely your good health that is the key to more energy, less stress and living your best life.


My education at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition included some of the most recognized and respected names in the field of health and wellness: Drs. Andrew Weil, Deepak Chopra, Bernie Siegel, Walter Willet, Mark Hyman and David Katz.  I also trained with William Sears, M.D. Dr. Sears is one of America’s most renowned pediatricians and author of over 40 books on childcare.  My world-class training enables me to help moms make smart decisions and choices regarding their health and their family's well-being.


Being the mom of a lively and loving daughter, I know first-hand the challenges faced in trying to make the best decisions when it comes to meal planning and overall health considerations. It is that appreciation and understanding that gives me a unique and meaningful perspective for moms. I've been there!

I am ready to help you on your path to better nutrition and health for you and your family!